Friday, September 25

Puppies are like baby-trainers

Well, sort of. I guess since I've never had a baby (haha) I can't quite make the comparison, but it seems to me that having the responsibility of providing the protection, care, feeding, and (heavens) potty excursions of 2 5 lb defenseless creatures is a step closer to parenthood than just reading books about it. But, that's just me.

Yesterday was a case in point. I was sick (curse you, unknown virus!!) and generally not happy. I woke up, fed the puppies, gave them their meds (they're sick, too) and took them out to go potty. Mom and Dad were thinking of buying a new dining room set, so I was going to tag along with them all the way to Dallas to offer moral and physical support. Well, 30 minutes before we were planning on leaving, Dad wanted to leave. I stuffed (with as much love as possible) the puppies into their kennel and decided it would be like church: they be inside for about 3.5 hours and they'll be fine. It was just before 9am, and we'd be back by noon. So we did that.

Well, we ended up not getting the dining room set (awkward situation generated by the seller's lack of integrity), but we did go to an Antique Mall and found a table doohickey for the entryway. That was after we ate lunch at Arby's. And before we went to the storage unit and loaded up the formerly empty 14-ft trailer. And before we stopped by a friend's house to pick up a rogue chainsaw.

Starting at about 10:30 I could not stop thinking about poor Sophie and Jasper. How were they feeling?? Had they gone potty all they could before I packed them away? Were they feeling ignored? Were they going potty right now?!? These are things you have to think about! In between short dozing episodes I was just worrying to death about the puppies.

We finished with the chainsaw rescue at 1:20pm, by which time I was sure the puppies had chewed themselves to pieces out of boredom. We got home about 1:45 and I rushed inside, opened the kennel, grabbed the puppies, ran outside, and nearly tossed them into the yard while screaming "GO POTTY!!!". They did not disappoint. Within 2 seconds both did the l o n g e s t pee I had ever seen them do.

Is it strange to be full of pride and gratitude that your puppies chose (yes, it was a decision, I'm sure of it) to stretch their bladders and colons to the limit rather than wallow in their own excrement? Call me weird, but I was proud of them. :)

So, I think having puppies is a preview of coming attractions. Not that we'll have to worry about stuffing kids into a cage, but just the planning that goes into any outing whatsoever. Granted, we can leave the puppies home alone for a couple hours at a time while they're sleeping (heaven forbid we do that with a baby), but still. This is more than I thought it would be.

But it's worth it. :)


Anonymous said...

If only we could get Asher to stretch his bladder and colon so WE (mostly Kristi) don't have to wallow in his excrement...

Hugh said...

Also, if you say "coming attractions" people will think you're pregnant. If you say "I think I once remember Angie having a craving before noon, three years ago" people will think you're pregnant.

Becca said...

Haha- I get what you're saying. I'm always like, "Where's the puppy? What's the puppy doing? How long has it been since the puppy peed?" I'm always trying to talk Ty into letting him come places with us so he doesn't have to be home alone. My sleep schedule is messed up and I say ridiculously motherly things to Ody. Baby prep indeed! :)

Ben ;-) said...

Aaaaaaaahhh!!! They're so CUTE in the last picture!!

Jess said... little Pixie is perfect! Can I brag a moment? In the 9 months that I've had her, she's never, ever, no-not-once gone to the bathroom in my house. :) Yay for small dogs.

Cathy said...

More puppy pictures!!

Taylor and Aleni said...

I want to come over and see the puppies!!!

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