Tuesday, September 15

Finally! :)

I have absolutely no idea why I haven't blogged in the last 2 weeks. It's not like I'm employed or anything. But for some reason, instead of taking advantage of all my free time I end up filling my day with random unproductive activities that make me feel really, really lazy. (bleh)

But days have been a little more exciting since these two came along.

Everyone, meet Jasper and Sophie.

They're our brand new adorable Boston Terrier PUPPIES!! (Or, as my mother-in-law calls them, her new grandbabies).

They came from the same litter but we actually got Sophie for my family at home. There are hardly any boston breeders in Las Vegas, so we made a deal. If Anthony and I bought and housetrained Sophie for my family, then we would get to keep Jasper! Pretty sweet deal.

Well, we have like a bazillion pictures/videos of them, so I had to narrow them down for you all.
(alert: I seriously almost typed y'all at the end of that sentence... what's happening to me?!)

Jasper has the blue collar and floppy ears, and Sophie has the red collar and pointy ears.

Just LOOK at that face!! (sigh)... I think we're in love.


Becca said...

SO ADORABLE!!! We must have gotten our puppies around the same time! We just brought home Ody last week. Yay for puppies!!

Cathy said...


Russell Family said...

I am SOOOO jealous!!!!!!!!! They are SOOO cute! Oh I miss Cody being a puppy. Looks like fun!

Hugh said...

How about some pictures of the bearded husband?

Devan said...

Hahahaha. Hugh I was thinking the exact same thing!!!

josh nelson said...

you should have named them gozer and zuel...

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