Saturday, October 10


For those of you that know me well (and some of you who don't know me too well), I am an absolute fanatic about the weather. You know, the subject that strangers normally turn to when they don't want to create any social commitment, or acquaintances talk about to patch over an awkward situation.

In those circumstances I am in my element. Not the awkward situations, but the weather conversations! For the longest time (meaning, most my pre-college existence) I wanted to be a meteorologist (actually it was a Tornado Chaser when I was a kid). I even considered Oklahoma University over BYU because of its excellent meteorology program and its emphasis on Mesocyclonic Development.

Oh, those words get my heart beating fast.

Mesocyclones...cold and warm fronts...
upper-level low pressure systems...lenticular clouds...

...Ahem. Ok, back to the subject at hand.

Either way, this last month has been an excellent month for weather-watching on my part. Let me tell you what's been going on.

Well, about a month ago we had tons and TONS of rain. Like, more rain than I've ever seen in a week (except in Costa Rica). At our house we only had 7 inches or so in the week, but where we used to live in Benbrook got over 11 inches of rain! That's a TON!!! Like, almost 3 times the annual average in Las Vegas! IN A WEEK!

It rained so much that Nature forgot it was September and threw North Texas back to March, complete with waving grass and fresh flowers blooming everywhere (but sorry, Nature forgot basketball). A couple weeks after that, Nature decided to go on vacation to Ireland, and took us with her.
Day after day it was cloudy, cool, and wet. Not really rainy, but just wet. Lots of mist, fog, drizzle, light rain, and a breeze.

Finally, it just got cold. We had thunderstorms on Monday night/Tuesday morning, and suddenly it became winter. Overnight. High temperatures barely climbing into the 50s, then back down into the 40s at night.

So, we're freezing. And it's cloudy, so we're depressed. No, not really. But it could happen. I guess this is what it's like living in Portland, or anywhere else in the Pacific Northwest. I don't think I could handle it.

So, I'm hoping things brighten up here (literally) in the next couple days, and that something more exciting happens so I don't have to revert to blogging about the weather. But don't get me wrong. I enjoy it. So for your sakes let's hope something more exciting happens.

Hopefully we'll be back soon... ;)


Ben ;-) said...

You...are SUCH a nerd.

Taylor and Aleni said...

When I read your blog I try to figure out who is writing you or Angie and its pretty easy to, but this time I knew an instant. Thanks for the big clue!

devan said...

Hahahaha. I love you ant. And agree with Ben. But I like you as a nerd. :-) lol. Kind of like a compliment..

emorie said...


you'll turn into jack the ripper
at graduate school
follow your heart.... and the Mesocyclonic

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