Friday, July 3


Just in case all four of you who read our blog are dying from the suspense from the last post, here's the update:

Anthony took the call center job and I'm still trying to hunt one down.

As for the guy we met at Costco:

We did have interviews with his financial services company on Saturday and I felt like it was my last and only option. It's a commission-based salary and even though I've always avoided sales jobs like the plague, this product actually helped people save money rather then scamming them into spending more money.

However, these type of jobs require some upfront investment to become an official representative. It covers a lot of things, like getting licensed and having an online account. It's not a fortune but, remember, we are literally dirt poor. So what I thought would be my saving grace from boredom and laziness, was just a dead end. Back to job searching... (silent sobbing)

Now some of you right now might be thinking that you'd rather be in my place than work at the boring job you have now. But I've learned that being unemployed with your husband is a lot more fun than being unemployed with yourself. Apart from searching craigslist every 5 minutes, I've taken to baking my own sandwich bread and making homemade potato chips to fill up my free time.

It's going to be a long 5 weeks.


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