Tuesday, February 3


We've been home for quite a while now, but I just wanted to post some pictures of our AMAZING cruise to the Caribbean. We loved the boat, the hot tubs, the sights, the warm weather, the food (mmm...), and the towel animals that greeted us every evening in our room. It was truly Paradise. It was like the polar opposite of Provo.



Bleh! Come back blue skies... warm weather... We miss you :(

Well, this just means that we'll have to go on another very, very soon.

Dinner was divine - a 3 course meal every night that took at least 2 hours. We learned how to play shuffleboard (horribly) and played soccer, mini-golf, and volleyball onboard (pretty awesome).

We still have a water-proof camera that we need to develop. It has pictures of stingrays attacking Anthony and the whole family hiking up the Dunns River Falls in Jamaica. Good stuff.

More photos in my picasa web album:


Tess said...

How fun! You make the perfect cruise-goer too with that hat. I LOVE IT!

Jess said...

Oh, I am so immensely jealous...and I live in a warm part of the country. lol.

I'm glad y'all had fun.

Angie--your hair looks good. Didn't you say you were gonna cut it again?

Courtney looks great. :D See y'all later.

Mrs. Hadlock said...

So jealous AND happy for you. What's a friend to do?????

Becca said...

okay- my life would be complete if I were to kiss a dolphin.

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