Thursday, February 19

Animal cutidity

Cutidity - the state of being cute; cuteness.

While eating dinner today, our computer began scrolling through random images as part of its screensaver. One image caught our eyes (well, only one eye, really...Angie's). This picture was one among dozens I took this last summer when I spent a weekend at Angie's family's cabin down at Panguitch Lake, UT. I remember we were sitting on the deck watching a light rain shower pass by, snuggling in the brief chilly spell the clouds and rain brought, when this guy interrupted (rudely, I might add) our cuddle session. By interrupt I mean he just showed his (ugly) head and took Angie's attention from me. Here's the culprit.

Supposedly his "cutidity" was enough that Angie compelled me to save it for eons to come. I thought this next guy would win over the Coleoptera specimen and take Angie's cute-attention, thus restoring it to a more naturally cute animal. Not that anything that takes her attention away from me is a good thing, but I would rather it go to this guy than the beetle.

But it didn't work. Just today, while eating dinner, Mr. Beetle Face popped up and stole my darling's heart again, though just for a moment.

He's now my enemy.

Cursed art thou beetle! Thou wilt rue the day thou didst point even one of thy long antennae at my queen!! Make haste and get thee hence!

Ha. It worked. :)

Upon further examination at a really really zoomed-in image of Mr. Beetle Face, Angie is in agreement that her Beetle Beau is actually not very cute.

However, his butt is another story... ;)


Kristi said...

I have to say that the beetle picture is cuter than the deer. Look at those ridiculously long antennae!

Mrs. Hadlock said...

HAAHAHAHA! Anthony, the picture IS cute, but only because you took it. Angie just doesn't want to give that secret away. Embrace the buggy cuteness.

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