Friday, August 7

One man's trash is another man's treasure

Or woman's, as the case may be.

On Monday, Angie and I were making plans to go to Happy Sumo (only the best sushi place in Provo) on Wednesday evening, and called Ben up to see if he wanted to go. Ben asked if I could first go to the Wilkinson Center and see if there were any spots open still for the Brigham's Yard Sale.

"The what?!?" I asked, confused.
"Brigham's Yard Sale," Ben replied. "It's like a big yard sale where you get a booth and sell stuff. There probably aren't any booths left, since it's 2 days away, but if there are I'd rather do that than Happy Sumo."
"Well, maybe we could sell stuff with you, since you wouldn't be eating with us," I said.

In fact, Angie and I had already signed a D.I. death sentence on a pile of stuff, so we could just see if somebody else wanted it. To make a long story short, we got a booth and decided to do Happy Sumo after the sale was over (7pm). Angie, however, was dubious about the benefits of a yard sale. But I coaxed her into it.

On Wednesday, Angie and I got to Brigham's Square on campus and began setting up. Ben called up and said he had already sent everything home that he was willing to part with. So Angie and I were left alone.

And it rained. No, it poured. And the wind was blowing stuff everywhere, people were getting hurt (literally), loud thunder. The first thunderstorm in a month, right in the middle of the yard sale.

But despite that, a lot of our junk sold. In fact, we made over $70 profit. Not bad for stuff we were just gonna chuck at D.I. Yep, one man's trash is another man's treasure. Actually, most of the profit came from jewelry Angie sold, not bought by men.

And Angie's yard sale opinion totally did a 180° . Now she's a fan. And richer, too. :)


Heidi said...

Man, those gals are lucky. Angie's taste in jewelry is tres magnifique. How did people get hurt?

Andtheknee said...

The wind was blowing the 2-panel dividers between booths onto people and stuff. It was actually pretty scary...

nar & cgar said...

Mom had a yard sale today! And Nate's mom is having one next weekend.. I'm going to try to sell stuff but I don't think it will sell in canby oregon like it would at byu.. :\

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