Sunday, May 10

Mother's Day! And Mom's Birthday!!

Happy Mother's Day!! From far away Ireland we both wish you two (Cathy and Lydia) a happy Mother's Day with all the love we can show across text on a blog. :) Mom, happy birthday! You're 28!! YAY!!!! ;)

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures on my computer; they're all on my hard drive at home. I was hoping to make a collage or something similar of our mothers and the good times we've had with them, but it'll have to wait. Just know that we love you two, and are getting stuff for you ;) You are not forgotten. :)

Due to our current location and circumstances, I found this Irish Blessing about mothers. :)



Tian Tian said...

What a great blessing! I miss you guys. I wouldn't have realized that's Angie kissing the stone if she wasn't wearing her green coat.

Pip Pip!

Kadee said...

You guys seem to be having so much fun in Ireland! I skimmed your pictures, but didn't read cause I'll probably cry. I wish I could be on tour with you guys, and I also miss the British Isles from when Troy and I were there a year ago. Good luck, best wishes, give everyone my love, and I hope you trip keeps going well! :)

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