Saturday, May 2

Competition Day!

First things first: We didn't take any pictures today. Not a one. Not because we didn't want to entertain y'all, but because of one of two things: 1) Nothing really happened today worthy of taking a picture; 2) Part of the day we didn't have anything on us, including cameras. So, this is just a text post. Enjoy!

This morning we slept in. Yes. Oh, yes, it was great. We caught breakfast 30 minutes before the buffet closed, and ate with quite a few other late-bird Singers. Once again I ate a ton, but that's been saving us money in the long run. :) We've been eating light lunches and dinners after a HUGE breakfast.

Either way, we had yet another rehearsal this morning for about an hour and a half, but we made big progress with all the facial expression we started putting into our singing yesterday. Seriously, the choir sounds so much better! :) It makes me happy. Well, we rehearsed for a while, then had time off to go eat lunch and change to watch the afternoon session of the competition. Angie and I decided to try the market (a picture of the market entrance is in Angie's post 2 days ago), so we headed over there after changing into some official tour clothes. We bought a big chunk of cheese (€1.47), a gigantic baguette (€2), and 2 of the best oranges I've ever eaten (€1.34, yes they were expensive, but they were worth it). That was just what we needed for lunch, and it came out to only €4.71! I'm pretty sure those were the numbers, but if not they were pretty close. It was less than 5. And let me tell you - Gubbeen cheese with a baguette and an orange straight from the celestial kingdom is a mighty fine lunch. Mmmm-mmmm....

We headed over to the City Hall in the blowing drizzle to watch the afternoon session of the International Choral Competition. It was pretty good, but there was some weird music being performed. And coming from Singers, that must be weird music. But the singing wasn't bad.

Intermission came and those of us who wanted to leave were let free. Angie and I agreed - even though we absolutely love performing and being part of choral music, neither of us can sit through choral concerts well. Uhh..let me re-word that. Angie and I have a difficult time being entertained with sleep-inducing music (or just not good music). So we took the invitation and headed out quick. We decided to go to a nice hot chocolate place right around the corner from the hotel, and were shocked to see what Ben labeled as "chocolate porn" displayed on a flat screen above the truffles. Intoxicating images of chocolate creation, truffle coating, decorating chocolate beauties... Oh, the 5 guys there (me and 4 others) were just spellbound. Angie and Aubrey (Kevin's wife) looked at us like we were idiots. Oh, but it was just beautiful. ;)

After wonderful hot chocolate, we decided to continue our culinary excursion of Irish cuisine by visiting a Chinese restuarant! In Ireland! Hehehe, it wasn't that good, but it wasn't bad. It was just expensive. Like, €27.90. But, between the 2 meals it was still under €36, which is our allotment for the day (€9 per meal per person). We just won't try Chinese out here anymore.

We finally had our competition concert tonight! We could only sing 10-12 minutes of music, so we sang 4 songs, all in Latin, about our Savior. It was gorgeous, and went very well. We won't have any results from the judges until tomorrow at 5pm, but it's not that important to us. We didn't come to win; that wasn't the purpose of our tour. We still have 3 weeks of tour and over a dozen concerts to do give and more firesides, so this is just the start of what we're doing. Angie actually hopes we don't win, because so many other choirs came here for that purpose. We'll see how it turns out.

And to end the night, Angie was getting out of the shower when I heard a big bump, ran in, and she was in her towel holding her head. She slipped while getting out of the shower and hit her forhead on the metal hand bar on the side of the tub. :( I called room service and got some ice for her to keep the swelling down, and we're hoping the bruise doesn't travel down to her eyes. Everybody would think I beat her... Haha, yeah right. But it'll look bad anyways. Hehehe, Angie told me that before we got married she never had any accidents or got sick or anything. Now it starts...

Well, it's super late, and I've gotta get to bed. We'll write tomorrow! Happy Fast Sunday!


Cathy said...

Oh no, are you sure you're alright, do you have a huge bump? be careful!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the fall Angie and I hope you are okay.
Looks like you are having a great time, singing and eating. The photos are beautiful. From Mom

Anna said...

I have loved reading about your trip! It really makes me miss BYU choir days. But I am glad I could relive a little bit...thanks!

P.S. I am in a contest that ends tomorrow and am super close to a prize...everyone go vote!
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