Thursday, January 29

New Toys :)

Today, Angie and I spent some money. A lot, actually. Well, not like we're not going to eat solid food for the next week, but still a lot for the newlywed couple that we are. But it was for a good reason, at least, we think.

We bought a new used computer!! Or a used new computer! Or just used! Here's the deal - every couple months or so, BYU gets tired of their stash of electronics, either because of their performance or they just have too many, and has a "Surplus Sale." Today was the first of the semester, and was at 4:30. Angie and I got there at 4:00 to get a good spot in the line, but upon arriving saw that the line was, like, 50 people long. No, really. FIFTY PEOPLE, people. And that was 30 minutes before opening. I was surprised to say the least.

So, the wait began.

And annoyance.

Only because of old people. Well, not necessarily old. The full-time faculty and staff got first dibs, and didn't even have to stand in line! They just walked right up to the front, flashed their nifty BYU ID cards, and were let right in with a smile. At least the employees were curteous.

We got in at 4:15 and immediately ran in different directions - Angie was in charge of finding a suitable monitor and keyboard (we already had a mouse) while I ran in the direction of the CPU's (computer processing units, or the towers). I actually found both the monitor and computer we liked, but Angie helped (<--required). She found the keyboard. We got out of there with a very modest price (you'll have to ask) for the computer and monitor we got. It feels like Christmas again!
Ignore the potatoes and flour sack under the desk, please. Thank you.

We afterwords went to Best Buy to see the price for internal wireless cards (we don't have LAN in our apartment. I know. Dumb.), and while searching we were distracted by the Wii games and saw the Legos Star Wars game was on sale!!! Oh, how could we stay away?!? Angie actually demanded we get it, so I had to comply. Hehehe. So we bought that, too.

Now we're going to enjoy the game, the computer, finish downloaded/upgrading software on the desktop and eat dinner. Once it finishes cooking. (We just realized the oven was set at 325 for the last 45 minutes instead of 375...hahaha.)

Hopefully an extra 20 minutes will do the trick...

Saturday, January 17

Bon Voyage

Last night we got a total of 4 1/2 hours of sleep. Right now, it's 8:24 am and we're stuffing the last few articles of clothing into our already overstuffed suitcase. Caribbean Cruise, HERE WE COME!! Hopefully there's an internet cafe or something on the ship so that we can keep you updated throughout our vacation. If not, we'll just recap it when we get back.

Forecasted high in Cozumel, Mexico: 80 degrees ... just FYI :)

Friday, January 2

Home Sweet Home

So this is the current condition of our new apartment. Yay... :( Hopefully we can get it somewhat organized and take some nice pictures later. But to break up the monotony of unpacking, our new neighbors invited us over for an impromptu dinner. They were so nice and the homemade pizza was way better than the Little Ceasar's that we were planning on eating tonight. We felt all warm and fuzzy inside :)

So... for the next 5 days (at least) we'll be stuck in our apartment trying to get everything somewhat organized. Please come visit us :)