Wednesday, December 24

Our First Christmas

Seeing the Nutcracker in the Irvine Barclay Theatre

Our last minute tree from Target (30% off!)

Making a popcorn garland

A hotel Christmas :)

Merry Christmas!!


Kristi said...

So Cute! I'm glad you found time to blog in the midst of your honeymoon. :) Merry Christmas.

Kristi said...

Oh.. P.S. We saw the Nutcracker on our honeymoon too. :) Yay for Christmas honeymoons!

GWN said...

What! no Old Navy pajama pose. We love you and miss you, are you coming home today?

Cathy said...

The cutest couple ever!! love you mom.

Ashley Stepp said...

Do you get to eat the popcorn after Christmas? :) Congratulations, you two!

Mrs. Hadlock said...

Love you guys!!! "Marry" Christmas to you both! :)

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